Moving, Thinking, Deciding

Moving, Thinking, Deciding

Hi there!

Yes, it’s been a moment since I’ve last posted a blog post (have never been able to say this without cringing inside. Posted a post. Ugh).

Within that moment, some wild, life-changing, new things have been happening. I pseudo-moved to the Middle East for a month, and later to the U.K., hoping to stay for a year. And I say this is wild because I’ve been living in Malaysia my entire life, so moving to two countries within a month of each is pretty wild.

Today (time of writing) is the 5th of November, which means I’ve been in Newcastle Upon Tyne for almost a month and a half now. The short version of this move: I’ve been loving it! There’s definitely lots that I would love to share about the entire experience, but I’ve been holding it off for quite a bit now.

I’ve been thinking about my blog and it’s direction, and somewhere in my thoughts I had seriously considered quitting blogging, simply because I didn’t know where I was going with this (beautiful) site. However, I do believe I now have more of a direction, and really this particular direction was the reason I started a blog in the first place. I wanted to share my experience as a female in STEM, from my undergraduate years to (hopefully) my postgraduate years and into a career. Why? Because I needed inspiration, and since there really isn’t much out there, so I decided to be some sort of inspiration. I probably had a good reason for beginning (back in 2017, time flies!), and as evident from the many titles and drafts on my phone’s notes app, I’m still very keen on continuing.

I’ve got quite a few posts lined up, and I’m very excited to be writing (typing?) again. Please let me know if there are topics/areas you’d be interested in, and as always, thank you for reading.

Here’s to not giving up on our little goals and dreams.

Love, Dania

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