Starting University: Biomedical Sciences at NUMed

Starting University: Biomedical Sciences at NUMed

EDIT: I have posted an updated post about my first year experience studying BMS, which you can read here.

I am now a university student.

Just saying that feels unreal.

I started university around the end of September 2017. At the time of writing this post, its been a week short of two months since then (edit: at the time of posting this post, its been a month into the second semester!). I’m currently enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences course at Newcastle University of Medicine Malaysia (NUMed).

This post will serve as an introduction to this course, and how uni life has been so far. Lets begin!

NUMed is located in Nusajaya, Johor, and though its not the busiest place, its definitely rapidly developing. There’s a Mydin Hypermarket nearby, and Legoland is only 5 minutes away! The university is located in EduCity, which also houses other universities, including Southampton, Reading, MMU etc.

Since there’s only two undergraduate courses and one foundation program currently available in NUMed, the student population isn’t very big. Thats a plus (to some), because almost everyone knows everyone. You can make friends and get to know people easily, which made me very happy.

The facilities here at uni are amazing. I’ve been spending almost everyday at the LRC, short for Learning Resource Centre,¬†which is basically our library. Its a great environment to study in, and having textbooks close by really aids revision. There are also computers and printers around in the LRC and in rooms called IT clusters. Lecture halls and seminar rooms are well taken care of and very comfortable. The lecturers that I’ve met so far are wonderful, and you can tell they know their topics well beyond what’s covered in lectures, and they regularly provide us with information regarding our course outside academics. This includes latest research, award-winning developments in the field and areas to focus on in the future.

Now, on to the course. The Biomedical Sciences program here in NUMed is a 2+1 program, where you spend the first two years of the course in the Malaysian campus, and the last one in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK! This was definitely a big advantage to consider when I was looking for universities, as the last year in the UK is really research-based and is conducted in some of the best labs in the UK.

This semester (Sem 1), we’re being taught 4 modules; Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics. Each module also includes practicals, which are all grouped into a separate module called Lab Skills. The lectures are an hour each, and most of the time there’ll be an hour break before the next lecture. This break really helps you prepare or re-study the previous lecture. As with everything, the modules started out really basic and simple, and slowly started getting into more complex topics and pathways. Nevertheless, if you enjoy the subjects, you’ll enjoy learning even the harder ones here. Lab sessions, on the other hand, are usually 2-3 hours long, and so far we’ve done so many interesting practicals! The course is completely exam-based for the 3 taught modules, and are based on assessments for the lab module.

There are lots of clubs and societies to join here in NUMed, which really helps you catch that study-fun balance. Some of these include the Debating Society, Dance Club, Music Club, cultural and religious clubs like the Islamic Society and the Buddhist Society, sport clubs, including Frisbee, Basketball and lots more. Each club/society holds activities that are inclusive and fun for everyone, which really keeps things interesting on campus.

As with any university, we have lots of events going on, either as traditions, to bring the students together or celebrate festivities. Some of the events we’ve had so far include Diwali Night, hosted by the Indian Society, Cultural Fest held by the Student Association, and Founders and Benefactors Night.

I’d like to sum up by saying that so far, although the work load is starting to get to me, uni life has been a blast. I’ve definitely made the right choice by joining NUMed, in terms of academic and the social aspects, it really has been a positive experience.

If you are interested in finding out more about my uni life, or have any questions, do leave a comment down below or get in touch and I’ll get a post up on the topic!

Love, Dania.

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