The Happy Girls

The Happy Girls

Here’s to the happy girls.

The girls who are always smiling and ready to joke around. The girls who’ll comfort you when you’re down. Here’s to the girls who pieced themselves together when their world broke. To the girls who saved themselves, no need for no bloke. I want to hear about the girls who were broken, who were filled with sorrow, the girls who thought they wouldn’t see the light tomorrow. The girls with pasts that haunt their sleep at night, but not enough to make them cower away in fright.

In a world where we’re damsels in distress, and being an imperfect piece is romanticised so heavily, few see how strong you are, because few saw how broken you were. Keep your chin high, that beautiful smile on, and stay happy. It doesn’t mean you suffered any less; rather an indication of how you rise as soon as you fall.

So quick, that no one notices. 

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