Food and The UAE; My tried and tested list.

Food and The UAE; My tried and tested list.

Heaven? Yes. Food Heaven? YES!

Lets get straight to the glorious details, and pictures! Abu Dhabi and Dubai are definitely must-visit destinations if you’re travelling to try food, especially for Muslims looking for Halal food; almost every food outlet here is halal!

You can find a huge variety of international chain restaurants here (IHOP, The Cheesecake Factory, Texas Roadhouse, among others, ALL HALAL) and lots of local delights; shawarma, kabab, tikka, glorious Middle Eastern food!

As I’ve previously mentioned, eating out can be expensive. A set at McDonald’s or Burger King will cost you a minimum of 25 Dhs, and at the above mentioned restaurants, its definitely pricier. Food courts are understandably cheaper, but that depends on the mall you’re eating at; more expensive at high end malls like Yas Mall, cheaper in a mall like Al-Wahda. Comparing prices there and here in Malaysia will cause you much grief, so don’t. That being said, the food is always, always delicious, and the service is even better.

Now, to help you decide, here are some places I’ve tried and tested in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Of course this isn’t the most extensive list, but it’ll help you choose, because trust me, you’ll be spoilt for choice!


  1. IHOP, Dubai Mall


Short for International House of Pancakes, this is the places to be for breakfast! They’ve got everything from pancakes, waffles, french toast, a variety of eggs, sausages and meat, and their lovely hash brown. Definitely try out the food here if you’re looking for that greasy American breakfast. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water!


2. Shakespeare and Co., Abu Dhabi & Dubai



You’ll find this cafe quite easily; the beautiful decor inside will instantly attract you! The menu boasts lots of trendy and delicious dishes, gorgeous desserts and dazzling drinks to compliment them. You’ll find the cafe in Marina Mall and Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, and in Souk Al Bahar in Dubai.


3. Abd El Wahab, Souk Al Bahar


Beautiful, beautiful Arab food. I’m not a very big meat eater, purely because I don’t like the taste of meat, other than chicken. This trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this visit to this restaurant, changed me for the better. I keep craving kabab! Honestly, this was the best Middle Eastern cuisine I had on this trip. Worth a visit (or two.. or three..). The food is fresh and sizzling when it gets to you, and you get a beautiful view of The Fountains and The Dubai Mall if you choose to sit outside.

4. La Brioche, Dalma Mall


Lovely little spot for brunch. Everything from little cakes, to shakshuka and French pastries, you’ll have a hard time choosing just one thing to eat. But the real gem here is the drinks; the caramel latte is to die for!

5. Gelato and Ice cream: Booza, Dubai and Arabesq, Yas Mall


GET YOUR ICE CREAM CRAVINGS SATISFIED HERE! Try out the exclusive flavors they have, including baklawa and mahalabi! Even the Baskin Robbins, London Dairy and Dairy Queen here have special flavors unique to this country. From kunafa sundaes at London Dairy to the Burj Al Emlaaq at Baskin Robbins, definitely give the ice-creams a try. We visited Booza in Souk Al Bahr, and Arabesq in Yas Mall. If they find out you’re a tourist, you’ll get a special show at Arabesq!

Trust this short list of mine to aid your hungry tummy when you visit The UAE. Save up on the cash and spend on delicious food!

Here’s to many more food posts; restaurant reviews and even some recipes!

Love, Dania.

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