What’s In My Bag?

What’s In My Bag?

Hello there! Whenever I’m on YouTube or reading other lifestyle blogs, the “what’s in my bag/purse” type content is my favorite! For some reason I find it super interesting to know what other girls carry around in their handbags. Recently, I’ve been binge watching the British Vogue ‘In The Bag’ series, and the videos really inspired me to write up this blog post. So, here’s whats in my handbag, and as always, enjoy!

First, we’ll start with the bag itself. I purchased this tiny bag during my recent trip to the UAE (I visited again in March) from H&M. It’s a crossbody, satchel bag with two compartments inside and a small zipped pocket. I couldn’t find it on the H&M Malaysia website but I have linked two similar bags down below. I’ve really been into smaller handbags because of how sleek they are. They’re versatile and don’t add to much “weight” to your look, as opposed to, say, a large tote bag.

But of course, a smaller handbag means much less space. I’ve learnt to really condense what I bring with me, which is a plus so my bag doesn’t weigh me down. The only real con of the size is that I can’t carry a water bottle with me. Then again, I find that I drink more water on the go when I’m holding the bottle in my hand, so maybe it’s a plus!

On to the contents of my handbag:

Of course, I have my wallet/purse. Conventional wallets don’t fit my bag (that’s how small it is) which is why I’m happy to have found this one. I got this wallet from MANGO and although its smaller, I managed to squeeze the necessary stuff in. Simple, does its job, was on sale. While we’re on the subject, you’ll definitely find my phone in my bag too, along with my earphones, as with anybody else. If I’m wearing contact lenses I have sunglasses with me for sure. I usually go for big, black ones to cover up my eye area well. The ones pictured above are again from MANGO. Recently though, vintage glasses have been trending and I’m definitely hopping on that bandwagon! I’ve linked a few cute vintage-inspired sunglasses from H&M below.

Here’s where we get to the beauty products that I carry, starting with lip balm. I cannot leave the house without lip balm. My lips get very chapped unless I have this on and it drives me absolutely insane! I start licking and touching them, which really only makes things worse. I love this particular one from Nivea, it’s the only one I use and I’ve tried (and love) all the different shades/flavours. Psst: using a tinted lip balm also means that I don’t necessarily need lipstick to add some colour to my lips, which is a handy hack! If I am wearing lipstick, I’ll bring the particular shade I have on with me in case I need to reapply throughout the day. The one in the picture is the NYX ‘Liquid Suede Cream’ lipstick in Soft-Spoken (Mauve Nude).

A pocket atomizer. This baby is a lifesaver! I bring this with me whenever I’m travelling, on the go, and even to uni. I got this one from Sephora and it’s really the best investment you can make when it comes to perfumes! Its basically a mini-perfume bottle, and you get to bring your perfume of choice and spray it whenever, wherever. No spills, no frills, easy to fill and you just spray to use. My whole family has one of these, and my friends are hooked too!

The sensation of dry hands is one thing, but dry nails? Not about that life, which is why I carry a mini hand lotion with me. The one pictured was on sale at Watson’s a few months ago and it’s been working well for me! Right next to it is a packet of wipes. Because we need to work with limited space, I usually go for mini versions or slimmer packets so they don’t bulk up my bag. Smudgy lipstick? Wipes. No soap in the restrooms? Wipes. Got some food on your shirt? Wipes! Along with wipes I carry a cute packet of tissues. This packet is from Cotton On, and I just refill the tissues whenever I run out. If I’m out of blotting paper, I use tissues to blot excess oil on my face throughout the day.

That’s basically all the must-haves I carry in my handbag day-to-day. Using a smaller bag has helped reduce the weight I carry on my shoulders, and ensures I don’t keep piling in unnecessary items in my bag. Also, I’ve linked a few products here so you can check them out if you’re interested.

Would you like to see a “what’s in my uni bag?” post once I’m back on campus? Let me know!

Love, Dania.

Linked items:

Small shoulder bag, H&M


http://www2.hm.com/en_asia4/productpage.0633150001.html<— similar to mine!

Nivea Lip Balm in Cherry


Sephora Collection Universal Pocket Atomizer


Sunglasses from H&M



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